I am a traitor. Having survived all of WWII as a very young child in Europe (as a victim of war), I lost my homeland and my family. And assumed the Canadian citizenship long ago. Loosing my own by a country that does not really exist anymore since 1945, I am considered a traitor by that country. Hence the removal of that (precious EU) citizenship. That does not make me an anarchist. But it also does not make me a patriot of any country.

Wikileaker is my own coined term for those who stand up against their governments to expose questionable war time practices and the unreasonable spying on citizens . In other words, those killing unarmed civilians (like during WWII and thereafter in each and every war) and those who 24/7 steal citizens’ privacy by spying on them in the name of a government. NSA, CIA, FBI and many other organizations – how would you like to be spied upon ? -Bradley Manning I salute you [latest broadcast: ] – you are not an anarchist. Edward Snowden [ ] you did the right thing (if and when it can be proven).

Why do people who speak out for transparency and who strongly believe in their conviction that a government is morally wrong are convicted of crimes, that earn them lifetime sentences in high security penitentiaries, while at the same time mass murderers, serial killers, pedophiles, organized crime bosses and war criminals get away scot-free ? In fact, war criminals who have indiscriminately killed unarmed civilians in every war even get away with more medals pinned onto their chest.

Anarchism [ ], why would those leakers be called anarchists ? Anarchism is something totally different. What those two did was in their beliefs, to simply expose wrongs. That’s all. 


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